Partner with us on your commercial endeavor.

We specialize in swiftly delivering standout ideas to uncover opportunities and propel your project forward. 

Why use Harby + Points?

We’ve worked on dozens of commercial projects- restaurants, offices and retail, multi-family, community event centers and hotels.   Collaborating with developers and buyers looking to make the most out of a big vision, our comprehensive designs will flush out opportunities, make best use of the space and put it all on paper.

  • Explore feasibility opportunites for the space 
  • Market the project to potential investors 
  • Identify potential site/zoning opportunities 
  • Showcase your project to prospective clients 
  • Work with structural engineer and other trades


Harby + Points offers full site planning and feasibility, floor plans, 3D interior and exterior renders. If you want to take a full commercial design project through permitting,  we work with a licensed architect to do so. 

Commercial concepts and renders

Get a glimpse of some of our work featuring multi-area site plans, office buildings, historic renovations and tricky land use plats etc…