Vision planning. Pattern language. Targeted demographics.

Assisting Developers

Through working with stellar master planners such as Laurence Qamar (Woodbury, 2022) and renowned town founders (Casey Roloff of Seabrook, 2023), we’ve now collaborated on the full design of multiple developments throughout the northwest, Louisiana and Texas.

From small cottages around a common courtyard (Kamiak Cottages, Wintz Company, 2019 or 4th St. Cottages, ReHive LLC, 2023) to a master planned community of 250 homes (Woodbury, Wintz Company, 2023), we design pocket neighborhoods and an assortment of planned unit developments.

From the beginning we work closely with the civil engineer to put our touch on every part of the site plan. Within this collaboration, we consider all the details- light direction, active and passive functions, charming shapes and spaces, of course, but also each sidewalk width, and axis point. By creating a pattern language, a seamless hint of the consistent style is felt throughout the entire development.

Our services

PUDs, Master Plan Communities, Traditional Neighborhood Developments

Through our life-life 3D renders, the development takes shapes early on in the conceptual phase. Seeing a full street view with homes plotted on each lot, allows for efficiency and the vision to come together quickly. Multiple rounds of edits with the developer and civil engineer, in tandem with the renders, eliminates surprises and unknowns. Our exterior and interior renders of each home are also extremely useful in the design phase and for marketing purposes.
These elements have made us invaluable to developers.

Our homes

Neighborhood homes and cottages

Check out some of our spec homes and cottages we’ve designed for developers. Alley loaded or tight setbacks, full of charm, we create each spec house to be functional and efficient but feel like a custom home. 

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